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Germany Lunar Eclipse


It was worth it to stay up way late to see the blood moon lunar eclipse.  Wow, was it incredibly beautiful and quite magical to see the transformation from a luminous, golden disc to a deeply shadowed gem.  At the total eclipse it made me think very much of a deep crimson Mexican fire opal gemstone.  It also reminded me that I had not posted the winners of the fire opal 3 ml deluxe sprayer drawing.  My bad.  But not for long… here goes:

Congratulations goes to (drum roll, please):

* Joe

* StephenMC

* Devon H

Yay! 🙂  Please email me at dsh@dshperfumes.com to send me your address and claim your prize!  And thank you again to everyone who shared a comment about their happy smells.  I really loved it.

Have a wonderful day everybody!    ox

image credit: I found that moon shot here.

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