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Well, it’s really “Up and Adam Atom”… but “Up and At Them” is a funny phrase that I love to say. (It’s a quote from the Simpsons. ‘Rainier Wolfcastle’, if I am not mistaken.). It’s what I say to myself when I am ready to get to work; ready to get down to business in my studio or in my life. It gets me excited and energized. Even though yesterday was a Sunday, in January no less, and you would think that I’d be relaxing, it was one of those days when I make plans. Lots of plans. Inspired plans? I hope so… since I’ve sketched almost 10 perfume ideas and as many jewelry pieces. Now I have to get to the real work of creating. (That’s when I’ll know if anything will come from yesterday’s contemplations). So, today it’s off to the studio to work.

pink amethyst with Tahitian pearl & black spinel, rose gold pendant, DSH 2009

Normally, Monday is part of my weekend, so I am not usually going to work at the Essense Studio, more like in my painting or jewelry studio or something like that. Not this time. I’ve got big plans and I mean to make use of this intense energy that’s come over me. No hibernating so far this year; instead I’m off to see if I can make some fire and magic, aromatically speaking. We shall see (and smell).

blue midnight, DSH 2011 (digital photo; new years eve 2011)

Wishing you an energetic and enchanted start to your week~

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Today, DSH officially launched at indescents.com; the fabulous new online space that has opened its doors to house some of the most creative new works of perfumery out there!  I knew that 1.11.11 would be magical somehow but this is the best news I could wish for. (I don’t think I could be happier!)
Franco Wright, of luckyscent.com and scent bar fame, chose some of our best and most popular perfumes like: Cuir et Champignon, Cimabue, Mahjoun, Formula X, Tubereuse, Winter White, Pamplemousse, Nourouz, and our new December ; in oil essence and EdP spray for perfect travel and layering options.

DSH Cimabue

I predict it’s the start of a beautiful friendship!

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Malevich: White on White (oil on canvas, 1918)

It’s snowing today in Boulder. Beautiful, fine showers of powder blankets my yard and trees…it’s just so lovely. It makes me really feel January. There’s something just so pure and fresh about January; especially when it snows.
The silence of a snow day is also something that speaks to me. And when it falls on a Sunday…bliss. I’ve needed this day. A day to stay home and putter around…get a few things done but be forced to chill (as it were) and rest. As you can tell, frosty Sundays inspire me to look out the window and wax poetic. It is stunning and when the sun comes back out it will be sparkling, too.

So, it’s a brand new year and about to be a brand new week in it and I, too am looking at the world with freshness and a little apprehension; excitement and anxiety. I have already filled up much of these first two months with projects continuing from last year but just like staring at the ‘blank white page’ in my studio, I am compelled to consider what I would like this year to be. What do I want? And while I love that I can make these kinds of choices in my life and work, there’s still some questioning that goes along with it that can be a bit scary.

First we’ll start with a *big clearing out at the studio to make the room we need to fill in the year. We also need to start the physical changes and minor construction to begin building out our Perfume Museum at the Essense Studio. (Yes, it’s happening THIS year. We’ve been cataloging the perfumes & aroma samples for the past year or so and now, we’re ready to start work on the last room in the studio to make the dream of our Museum a reality. YES!). The other really big project we have planned is to re-vamp our sadly aging website. Getting that going has also taken more than a years preparation as well, if you can believe it…just in finding a suitable web team. But the website is a subject for another post or posts, I’m sure. And, you can bet that I will be posting more throughout the year about the Museum as it begins and comes together. It will be an exciting adventure to share the process of bringing the Museum to fruition. We’ll all see how it goes…let’s hope we build great things and create masterpieces!

For now we’ll have our clearing out and taking stock while making tiny marks in the snow and in our lives…it will ultimately be fun to see what the end result will look like. (AD*) To get this all rolling we’re having a January Clearance / New Year Sale. If you go to the SPECIALS page at the site, you will find perfumes and formats that we are clearing that are discounted and on top of that you can take 15% off anything at the site using code: NEWYEAR11 during check out (until the end of January 24, 2011). This is a chance to get some of your favorite fragrances at the best possible price. I guess that’s a great way to start the year off right!

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Actually, yesterday was Epiphany. It’s Christmas in the Orthodox world. I like to think of it as a day of recognition… a day to find light in darkness. As this new year begins (and I don’t know about you, but it’s coming on STRONG at the Studio) I am meditating on the spark of light that shines the way to go; my own personal Epiphany of insight.

With this short post, I am wishing everyone a lovely start to the year and that a guiding light will shine.

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I am sending huge ‘thank yous’ out to so many who made 2010 a truly wonderful, albeit challenging year! Lets heartily welcome 2011 and all the promise it holds.

happy new year!

Wishing everyone loads of blessings to come, fortitude to overcome any difficulties, creativity and good health to enjoy the world’s unfolding. In 2011, may all your dreams come true! (One of my dreams will be to make it to my beloved Venice this year…wish me luck! oxo)

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