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Can I just say how much I love studio visits??  ❤ ❤ ❤

Really, one of the best things about having a little shop (and my up and coming little museum!) attached to my studio is that I get visitors…pilgrims of a sort, to come for a visit.  In fact, although I have a nice local following in Boulder, there are times of the year when the majority of live people to walk through my door are out-of-towners who heard about my studio..or read about my work online…or have been buying things from my website for years and I will FINALLY get to meet them in person.  It’s really a huge treat for me, to show them everything  they could want to smell and even some things they don’t even know exist.

A couple of weeks ago, a wonderful writer, musician, and budding indie perfumer came for a visit and fortune smiled on us: it was a quiet afternoon in the shop (as it usually is on a random Tuesday between March 1 and April 15).  I got to show him bunches of exotic (and some vintage) raw materials, pieces from my upcoming mini-shows in the ArtScent Museum, and even some of my favorites that haven’t been catalogued yet but are sitting on shelves in my design room.  We talked about white floral constructions, aldehydics, retro-nouveau, and of course animalics (since I have been working on a series of animal / fur / texture fragrances).  What bliss!!

So, this is just a little shortie post to say *THANK YOU* to everyone who has come, who is planning to come, and who just wish to come check out my world.  I love sharing and it’s pure pleasure to see you. ❤

ps: Here’s a link to the article, just published, about ‘the nosey artist” ‘s visit.  I hope you enjoy his tour.

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The year is almost complete and I have missed being here sharing with you the roller coaster ride that is life, perfumery, business, and creative drive these days.  I still long to have more time to be in my studio painting, drawing and designing but I 2013 wasn’t without it’s creative moments and discoveries.  There were some strides forward in terms of taking on a couple more private students with plans to start doing monthly workshops (and maybe even a couple more students) in 2014.  The biggest thing that we have ramped up to start jumping back into for 2014 is work on the ArtScent Museum.  Sadly, very little work managed to get done on this fabulous project in 2013 but we’ve managed to set things up to be able to dive right in and continue cataloging and mounting some new shows starting in Spring of 2014.


I feel very grateful and fortunate to share that some really superlative designs came out of the Essense Studio this year and DSH has been recognized on a few of the blogs we most cherish as having created some of the best fragrances of the year.  Here’s what CaFleureBon, Perfume Shrine and The GoodSmellas had to say about Iridum and / or Passport a` Paris.  Thank you Mark and Michelyn at CFB, Elena at PS and Carlos at TGS for this honor!  It’s very exciting indeed and it spurs me on to attempt even greater creative endeavors!

I am hoping to spend much more time here and sharing all that’s going on in my creative world in 2014.  Let’s all hope for greater freedom, peace, health and love for us all in the New Year~

With Love~~~ xoxo

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