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When I was a kid  I used to see commercials for the “Christmas in July” sale for the Wiz on TV.  I think “the Wiz” sold electronics or was it records?  Something or other…I actually don’t know.  I just know that their slogan was “Nobody beats the Wiz” and that they always had a Christmas is July sale.   At the time I thought that this was the craziest thing I’d ever heard of.   There couldn’t be anything more unlike Christmas than July and that just thinking of the two words together gave me cognitive dissonance.  How can you think about snowmen when all you want is a snocone?

But now I know better.  It all makes perfect sense.  It’s when retailers start thinking about their holiday offerings (and look at their inventory and think, ” I need to make some room”; hence the sale).  It’s actually quite logical and practical, but even now, I still think it’s a little strange.  And that it’s funny.

But, thinking about the Holiday Season is exactly what I’m doing right now; now that it’s July.  I am contemplating what would be in line with what we’re currently doing that would be unique, maybe even a little inspired, and a delightful gift.  Something sweet and special; something you would love to get for the Holidays.  Last year I was just so enthralled with the mini bottles that we did assortments of collection boxes with 4 or 8 minis as gift sets. (I still LOVE those wee little flasks!  I think that I’ll never tire of finding new things to do with them).  And this year..?  Well, I’m still brainstorming.  As I have been, and will be, working on “special projects” all summer, I can’t help but be influenced in one way or another by those, I’m sure.  It’s all just ‘in the ethers’ for now but I feel it coming down to earth.  In the meantime, maybe the start is to make some room for the new…so what the heck, I’m going to have my very first “Christmas in July” sale at the site. (starting July 1 – July 21, use member code: july10 and get 20% off at http://www.dshperfumes.com).   Who knows, you might even find something you wish you had gotten last December.

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