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It seems like ages since I’ve managed a blog post… I will endeavor to be more faithful to my new project.  (I seem to remember a TA in art school stating that I should be “less promiscuous” artistically and “be faithful” to each painting until it is finished before moving on to the next.  How little has changed… I still have multiple projects / works going simultaneously.)

As I get myself ready to hop a plane to NYC for this weekend’s Sniffapalooza Fall Ball, I also have a few other projects and events lined up to work on, complete or attend.  Not the least of which is our second anniversary party at the ESSENSE STUDIO (woo hoo!) on November 5 but even closer, the launch of our new Autumn creation Cuir et Champignon.  It’s going to be previewed this weekend at Sniffa and I’m very excited to get people’s impressions.  I’ve had the concept of a “Champignon” perfume for quite some time but after getting some Cepes absolute (portobello absolute, I believe or is it porcini?  I don’t quite remember) I realized it would have to be deeper and go places that I hadn’t imagined before.  I don’t know if many have ever smelled Cepes absolute but if you haven’t here’s a quick description: it smells like soup.  Delicious, salty beef broth or boullion and VERY concentrated.  So, of course I diluted it.  When diluted to about 10% the ‘soup’ changes: now it is miso with bonito flakes.  It is still salty and very much food-like but there is a distinct fish-flavor a brewing.  Hmmm.  I can easily say that Cepes is not an easy natural aromatic to work with.  Cool!  I love a challenge.  And I really like Cepes, even with the fish-flakes nuance.  However, when making PERFUME, fish is, well, not recommended.  I thought to dilute it down further but no.  I’m going to go for it right here; let’s jump off a cliff.

The addition of the leather as a deeper base gave the whole concept more framework and allowed me to dive into that mushroom thang wholeheartedly.   What finally came out was just what I was hoping for: a smooth rounded topnote that evokes white button mushrooms, then slides into the ‘brown’ mushroom note (Cepes – minus the soup effect) and keeps drying down into dusty leather with rich sandalwood.   There’s even a floralcy that shines through, tempering the intensity of earth.   For me, it’s wonderfully Autumnal and just what I’ve been craving as the air gets chilly and leaves are falling golden.

See you at Sniffa for the preview or we’ll have Cuir et Champignon on the site in November for you to sniff at home.

(I hope that you will enjoy this very provocative photo of a mystery mushroom that sprouted in my back yard this summer.  I couldn’t resist.)

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Yep, it’s my birthday.  And this title is more true than you know.  When I was a child I would invariably cry at the end of “Happy Birthday to You” sung to me.  Without fail.   I’m not sure why…since I really enjoy singing it for others.   To this day, if a group sings me ‘happy birthday’, I’ll cry.  (Individuals don’t seem to create the same effect, so if you want to call me up and sing me happy birthday on my voicemail, feel free.  I promise my phone won’t get soaked as I listen).

But on this exact birthday, I’m not crying.  I am so delighted that the studio is still safe and that I am here to enjoy another year.  I feel truly blessed: by my friends and family, my wonderful clients and the work I get to do.  Everything else falls away in the light of these simple and important facts.

On top of all that, I just confirmed it with “the Karens” that I will be presenting at the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball in October (23 + 24)!  YEAH!  What a fabulous birthday treat to plan a little NYC trip to see some long distance friends and family, meet new perfumistas and ‘play perfume’ for a whole weekend.  For anyone who has not gone to Sniffa, as we call it, you really must.  It’s such a blast and you will amaze yourself at just how much you can smell in one weekend.  I’ve never had the opening in my schedule to go to the Fall Ball before, only the Spring Fling (cute, huh?) so, I’m extra psyched to get to NYC in Autumn.  Having grown up in New York (downstate, mind you, not the City), it’s been EONS since I have been on ‘home turf’ at this time of year.  I can’t wait!!  The smell of leaves in the Park and the cool air…  perhaps even chestnuts roasting, but it might be a little early.

I guess this also means that I had better complete this perfume that I have been working on and only mentioned ever so briefly on twitter: a mushroom scent.  I’ve started a blog post about it already, so I think that I am going to hold off on the name and details for now.  It will give time to finish the draft and post it.  I’ll give a little hint though: it’s kind of a men’s scent, conceptually, but I feel it’s pretty universal; especially for the more daring women out there.  (Then again, I feel that all fragrances are universal…)  More to come. 🙂

mamma robin nest on my back door light

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and how ever you spend 911, my thoughts are with you.

ps: As I awoke this morning, I got an idea: I’m going to have a special “It’s my Birthday” sale at the site from today until next sunday (9.19.10).  15% off anything site wide – just use member code ‘birthday’ when you check out.  Tell your friends since we’re just going to post it on the blog, twitter and our fb page.  Fun.

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