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I can’t believe it is September already.  Where did the time go???  I feel as though I just got back from Wellfleet and it’s already well into E.’s school year (he’s a 2L at Colorado Law) and Autumn is closing in fast.  I better bust-a-move is all I can say…  I am sorry that I have been so remiss in terms of my blogging project but now that we’re all getting back to school / work, I hope to regain my momentum.  Here’s hoping!

Last Friday I was at the Denver Art Museum for their last “Untitled” event of 2010 and we got to promote the amazing sights, sounds and smells of KING TUT at  “UnTUTled”.  ( cute, huh? )  I was previewing my upcoming talk about the aromas of ancient Egypt as well as explaining the first 6 perfumes in the “Secrets of Egypt” collection.

DSH at DAM, UnTUTled

One of the new and soon to be released designs is a perfume called “Sampsuchinon” named after the Crocodile God of the Nile and the herbs associated with him, marjoram and oregano.  I have actually been creating a true recipe of Sampsuchinon based on the ‘formula’ written by Dioscorides -using oils, fresh herbs and spices, honey and wine… (*see Lisa Manniche’s work for more info on these formulae) and then reworking the scent using modern materials (essential oils, not fresh herbs) to create the same style perfume but something we 21st Century folks could feel comfortable wearing.  It’s also quite interesting to see people’s reaction to the old vs. the new versions.

* mixed with fats and sprinkled with wine

shaped into cakes and ready to macerate covered with water, overnight

after maceration, boiled, reduced, and strained

marjoram herb

There’s also one more perfume on the way to complete this collection: one to speak to aromatics that Egypt is known for now.  I want to showcase the fact that Egypt is still an aromatic paradise.  More to come about this one in my next post.

Mummy Bottle at DAM Gift Shop
Secrets of Egypt collection at DAM Gift Shop

I hope you will have a lovely, fragrant day!

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I had every intention of getting the ‘Secrets of Egypt” collection onto my website almost two weeks ago.  Wow;  time flies. I am thrilled to announce that I have finally gotten the lead out, as it were, and have uploaded everything to the site, so now you can try it!  After the buzz created by Donna (Flora) at Perfume Smellin’ Things and her wonderful preview of these perfumes, cleverly entitled “Pyramid Schemes”, there has been widespread interest in my Egyptian beauties.  (Thank you Flora!  To check out her gift with words go here:  http://perfumesmellinthings.blogspot.com/2010/07/pyramid-schemes-egyptian-perfumes-of.html ).  I guess the time hasn’t been completely wasted, though.  I expanded the 1,000 Lilies scent (with plans to add a couple more as the research continues) to include a new version: the Flappers and Pharaohs Presentation PERFUME bottle.

1,000 Lilies (aka Susinon) Flappers & Pharaohs Presentation Bottle

This Art Deco thing is really infusing my psyche… pretty soon I may take up smoking! (well, not really).

***To celebrate, I’d like to do a little draw: please leave a comment and I will send a sampler set of the new collection to 5 lucky winners***  The draw will be open until July 20.  Good luck everyone and have a fabulous weekend!

7/17/10: PS: I have been inspired to up the ante, so to speak, on the draw: Now I am going to give away a Flappers & Pharaohs: 1,000 Lilies presentation bottle to a lucky winner as well. Everyone who has commented is entered in the draw – good luck! :)

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