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"How Deep is the Ocean?", 2009, Multi-Media on Canvas, DSH

This post has obviously taken me a LONG time to get to. But as promised back in September of 2010, here’s “Quintessence :: part 3”. By this time it’s actually not much about the Quintessence: Multi-sensory show. It’s more about the fascinating experience of children and scent / fragrant art-form with a few more images from the show that I may not have shared. It’s also in response to the fact that many people have commented on and were attracted to one particular notation on my “Best of 2010” list, which was my ‘best fragrant experience of 2010: children coming to smell smells at the Studio’. It really is pure joy to share this world with the little ones and see their faces light up. They seem, even more than adults, to come openly to their experience and allow themselves to fall in love with scent. They are NOT afraid to feel whatever it is that the scent inspires them to. It’s so refreshing and reminds me that every day is still new at this stage in life and I just can’t let myself be jaded. Children will show you that and I am grateful for their effortless teaching.

Zyan smells "Elemental Fire: Vermillion" at Quintessence 8.2010

I’d like to introduce Zyan Schultz-Williams, who is seen above smelling some of the ‘aroma sculptures’ at the Quintessence: Multi-Sensory show* last August. She was only about 13 months old but was already at least 6 months into her beginning scent training with me at the studio. (Of course, she is only smelling naturals). She is my young protégé and part of the fun we have together is smelling smells. Even more than just smelling we have been assigning ‘who’ smells like ‘what’ as well as what the scents actually are. Now there is a “Mommy” bottle that smells like the perfume her mom, Mary, wears (Aqua Admirabilis) and a “Daddy” bottle, too (aka Vetiver essential oil). These are the two bottles she usually wants to smell first and get’s the most comfort from but she also loves to smell peppermint, blood orange and vanilla with a huge snort and a proclamation: “woweee” or just ” AHHHHHHHHH”. I just can’t describe the sheer delight she takes in sniffing, grinning and emoting. I think everyone should share smelling smells with a child. Oh yeah, and did I mention that she figured out how to spray a bottle by pushing the nozzle against her torso? Yep: she’s a smarty.

zyan with her pipettes and bottles

Now she’s almost 2 years old and she’s definitely graduated to even bigger things: one of her favorite things to play with is a bottle (filled with water) and a pipette, which she smells and pretends it’s any one of her favorite oils. She’s also putting the drops in a second bottle so she’s already got the basic picture of what to do to start making perfume. (How awesome is that??) Her other favorite thing to do right now is color. So what do you think: are we making a budding multi-sensory artist here or what? Only time will tell but I for one can’t wait to see what this early interaction with her senses will bring. I think that what ever it is, it’s going to be AMAZING.

"Absinthe", 2009, Multi-Media on paperboard, DSH

* the Quintessence link will take you to my Multi-Sensory Artist Facebook page where you can see every image in the show in the photo gallery.
** image credit: Zyan sniffing at Quintessence: courtesy of Mary and Brenyn Schultz-Williams

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