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This is just a little post for now as I am flat out overwhelmed by the whirlwind that is the Mystery of Musk Project.  Seeing my work on about 4 blogs / sites simultaneously is an incredible, indescribable feeling. Thrilling… no doubt.  And I am filled with gratitude for how my ‘musk eau natural perfume’  has been received.  Truly.  I’m speechless.

So, here’s some of what’s got me all choked up:

*Ca Fleure Bon’s Ida couldn’t have written anything more beautiful (I felt like I was melting) and the images?  OMG.  Absolutely SUBLIME.


* Blown away.  Redneck Perfumisto almost made me cry.  http://www.basenotes.net/entries/1082-musk-eau-natural-quot-Parfum-du-18-quot

Oh yeah, there’s more.  I just found out about an entire blog dedicated to this project: http://mysteryofmuskperfumes.blogspot.com/ (evocative photos for now but I suspect it will be getting filled in with reviews)

*Elena at Perfume Shrine definitely got the elegant side of this perfume with that almost Ingres-like painting.  I LOVE it.  (Plus, if you leave a comment at Perfume Shrine you will be entered to WIN a bottle of musk eau natural perfume 5 ml. YEAH!)


And this is just the beginning…Oh, goodness. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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Tonight it is just a little photo after spending the day uploading the new mystery of musk project perfumes to the website.  How exciting to unveil them!  I hope you will love all four versions:

1- musk eau natural-accord

2- musk of the mosque

3- musk eau natural

4- ESME : a chypre musk

Finally, it’s time for sleep!  Ah, glorious Sunday.

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