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WOW! I am so thrilled at such a great response to Vert pour Madame and just the idea of a galbanum perfume this Spring. I get a great warm feeling inside knowing how many fans of this intense green resin there are! For many years now I have loved its fierce beauty but alas many people who have come to my studio to ‘smell smells’ have seemed to be less than impressed with it. And I have to say that one of my favorite and most surprising uses of galbanum in my recent history was last year’s Antiu for Denver Art Museum which pairs galbanum with bitter almond. It’s really terrific together and shows, again, how versatile and interesting a note galbanum is. Hurray for the Jolly Green Giant! (I know, I know… quit being silly). 🙂

So, I am finally getting to the part you’ve all been waiting for: the winners of last weekend’s draw for Vert pour Madame samples and a dram flask. Here goes:

* Elizabeth
* Holly
* Victoria
* Felicia
* Marilynn
* Vishishta

and the winner of the dram flask is *jen

Congratulations! Please email me at dsh@dshperfumes.com with your addresses to claim your prize!

the Antiu Mummy Bottle

And for all of my peeps who didn’t win, I thought I’d like to keep the love flowing for galbanum and do another draw. This time the draw is for 5, 5ml samples of Antiu Egyptian Perfume Oil (one per winner, of course) and the grand prize is one of our Mummy bottles made for Denver Art Museum. Each bottle is signed and numbered by glass artist, Tim Lortie. Just leave a comment about your favorite galbanum laced perfume to enter. The drawing ends next friday: April 8 at noon. Good luck everyone and have a wonderful weekend~ oxo

*photo credit: jolly green giant image found here (where you can also vote for a green mascot; which I found amusing this morning).

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