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Well… after the zigs and the zags about that September has afforded thus far, including the fourmile wildfire, I’m getting back on track.  I’ve completed the talk for DAM on Ancient Aromatics of Egypt, although I had wanted to introduce another new scent based on the “aromatics of the Nile” if you will, or aromatics that Egypt is famous for in a more modern sense.  I think that is still to come on my website — so I will have to keep everyone posed about that.  In the meantime,  I want to continue showing you the Quintessence: Multi-Sensory show here with some new images I took of the remaining paintings.

I am very excited about these little paintings that are all part of a triptych”series 3: earth • fire • sky” (although I’m showing them in reverse order).  It’s been several weeks now since the show has been hanging at Naropa and I feel a bit like I am looking at these pieces for the first time again, right now.  I still love the texture and luminescence of the pearl / silver pigment and paint.

series 3 • sky

I also love that as I continue painting with acrylic medium, I am more and more able to feel it like I used to feel oil painting when I worked with that.  Oils have such depth and richness but the hazmat issue still has me worried to use it while I paint in a home studio…even though E. and I both love the smell of oil paint, turps and linseed oil.   Maybe someday we’ll make a good ventilation system for that room and THEN… YES!  But for now I am happy that I m beginning to get what I’d like from acrylics.

series 3 • fire

These painting are only 8X8 inches… there’s a lot going on for such small canvases.  I do love the intimacy of these pieces, though.  This series didn’t have aroma sculpture created in conjunction with them; maybe that’s why they seem wildly silent to me.  Perhaps I will give them ‘voice’ for a future show.

series 3 • earth

I wasn’t able to get a shot of “Elemental Fire: Vermillion without the glare on the glass from the gallery lights but I did include a detail of the paint and markings.  Mmmmmm…yummy colors.  I want to eat a painting like that.

elemental fire: vermillion

detail: elemental fire:vermillion

mercurial nature

“Mercurial Nature” is sort  of another study in Viridian pigment.  The last one I did for my CHROMA series of scents had elements of blue, yellow and white involved; this one is darker (black) but in some ways more pure.  The gold pigment really glows more delicious-ness.  I actually used the Viridian aroma – color as a base for the scent that expresses this painting.  (I think I already mentioned this scent structure in the first post for Quintessence…)

I realize as I’m writing that there’s much more I want to tell you about this show and more images so there will be a third post about this show.  If you want to see more before I get to posting, I would love it if you would visit my new art webpage made at wix.com.  ( http://www.wix.com/dshartstudio/dawnspencerhurwitz ).  It’s not 100% finished (there are still some bugs I want to work out…) but I think it’s pretty good so far.  And hey, I just figured out how to insert a link on the blog so I’m still making strides on my learning curve. 🙂

Happy Friday! to everyone and I hope you have a wonderful weekend~

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