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winter moon

After yesterday’s cold snap, I’m seriously getting into the Holiday mood and feeling like I can begin to enjoy the dark mystery of winter…with a little help.  Maybe you have wondered why I create a new Holiday fragrance every year?  Well, because I need it; I need to focus on the positive things about heading into winter and celebrate it.  It’s a psychological thing that gets me through the cold and darkness and back to the light in Spring.  There’s a parallel with the archetypal ‘going into the labyrinth’ that while it’s important work to do, it’s not comfortable.  This is kind of how I feel about Winter, even though I wouldn’t want to live anywhere that doesn’t go through all of the seasons.  Scent is the key; it is the one thing that transforms something uncomfortable into something not only acceptable but joyous.  So, I create a perfume to help me feel that joy of the season…and for me, it works.  Today, ‘December’, my new Holiday fragrance is launching on the site and it’s filled with nostalgia; of walking in the woods looking for our Christmas tree when I was a child, of making pomanders in school and making gingerbread with my Grandmother.  It even has a base of sacred incense, frankincense and myrrh, that reminds me of advent, which my mother always celebrated.  There is something about ‘December’ that gives me a sense of being close to home, even though I am not (close to where I grew up, that is).  I know this feeling will help get me through the Winter ahead.

winter solstice moon

Another bit of imagery that continues to inspire me is a full moon and its magical light, especially during the Winter months.  It is something I actually look forward to.  This weeks full moon has been INTENSE if you have noticed and wow!  it’s been huge and beautiful.  I have created some of my favorite winter perfumes with this theme (I thought I’d mention two, but, oh, there are more… way more. Maybe that will be for another post) : Inner Sanctum, with its woody moss, incense and rose and Minuit, that’s all about the winter moon with silver fir, carnation, spice, labdanum and again, moss.  The richness of these perfumes keep me warm when I am cold and something about the fact that when it is SO dark, completely without Summer’s benevolence that I feel brought down to my core.  I feel alive and grateful for it.  I’ll close my eyes and just inhale the beauty that can only come in this kind of solemn space.  Maybe that is what Winter is for..metaphorically, speaking.    (Well…  Who knew I would wax so philosophically today? )

Here is one more image to share that always springs to my mind when I am in this particular space and getting ‘deep’ with things…It’s chilly but so evocative.

caspar david friedrich

I am wishing you a wonderful “Black Friday” and the official start to the Holiday Season!

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*winter solstice moon found at this site: thank you, *love caspar david friedrich and his gothic imagery found here, *winter moon image found here

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