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It’s no surprise that more and more men are stopping into the studio to find the perfect scent.  I’ve been blessed with a pretty strong male clientele from the beginning of my perfume practice, but lately there have been more than the usual…and I love this…for lots of reasons.  I’ve known for quite awhile that scent culture is blossoming among young men; that they are checking out niche firms alongside the mainstream houses to see what’s new, what’s different, and even what’s challenging.  Yes, challenging; intellectually and aesthetically.  I think this is huge.  We know that scent has the power to get inside you before you are consciously aware and start you on a path to emotion, memory, and experience.  Now add that it can open your mind to design elements that may not be initially ‘handsome’, or easy, or even recognizable.  There is a push that can make you go deeper and the result is a true(er) connection to yourself and the art that you are experiencing.





Unlike many perfume establishments, in my studio / shop I don’t categorize the perfumes by fragrance family, dominant note, or gender.  I arrange the bottles by collection as each collection has meaning, a story, and a relationship between its members.  It’s my hope that people will take notice of how each design relates to the others sitting next to them.  This can be a little disorienting to the casual shopper who doesn’t know what they’re in for when they walk in.  I often get asked: “Where’s the stuff for guys?” to which I reply, “everywhere”.  🙂   This allows me to ask some important questions so that I am able to curate a bit for each client.  I like that.  Not so much to be in control but to break the usual patterns to allow for a really authentic experience.



In the past few months I’ve been seeing some interesting patterns forming and I’m pleased because some really great scents (IMO, of course) have been getting some serious love.  SEVEN, one of the first designs I created specifically with men in mind and with a kind of meditative yet vintage-y (non-fougere) vibe has been the pick of a number of new clients.  I love its vetiver meets incense, woods, and herbs.  It’s really easy to wear and since it’s 88% botanical there’s an intrinsic quality and depth to the perfume that comes through.  SEVEN has had a steady stream of admirers over the years since it came out, as a limited edition, in 2002.  It hasn’t been a sleeper, but as of late it seems to just hit the spot and I am really happy about it.  Another design that came out with SEVEN that’s been garnering new fans is Michelangelo.  When I created this design I didn’t have scotch on my mind (and the “whiskey notes / boozey thing” hadn’t happened yet) but there is a really distinctive single malt scotch note to the opening of Michelangelo that I truly love.  It’s not exactly Macallan, but it’s in that ball park.  It bursts open with a slightly herbal nuance, and a hint of oak and caramel in the background but it’s not sweet and it’s very low on the (smoky/loamy) peat.  The remainder of Michelangelo is a wood paneled men’s club (think the Bohemian Club meeting at the Bohemian Grove ) with the whispers of the cigars once smoked and patina-ed leather armchairs.  Michelangelo is also high in naturals (94%) and masculine in very artistic way… (maybe that’s why a number of women also love and wear it, too!)





From my viewpoint there may be a trend in the making for herbal notes.  I’m not sure if this is because younger people are getting more familiar with herbs through exposure to aromatherapy or new culinary interest, or if it’s because it’s very foreign and new.  I do see more and more interest, especially from men, in herbs, conifers, and woods.  We know there will always be a love of musk (the clean and the dirty ones), leather and oakmoss, as well as the citruses.  And vanilla is still really big with the guys (Vanille Botanique and Vanilla Bourbon Intense, I’m looking at you), but I am very encouraged by the recent gravitation to the retro-nouveau / classic stylings of SEVEN and Michelangelo.  As they say in Boulder: Dude, you smell great!

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Yep, it’s my birthday.  And this title is more true than you know.  When I was a child I would invariably cry at the end of “Happy Birthday to You” sung to me.  Without fail.   I’m not sure why…since I really enjoy singing it for others.   To this day, if a group sings me ‘happy birthday’, I’ll cry.  (Individuals don’t seem to create the same effect, so if you want to call me up and sing me happy birthday on my voicemail, feel free.  I promise my phone won’t get soaked as I listen).

But on this exact birthday, I’m not crying.  I am so delighted that the studio is still safe and that I am here to enjoy another year.  I feel truly blessed: by my friends and family, my wonderful clients and the work I get to do.  Everything else falls away in the light of these simple and important facts.

On top of all that, I just confirmed it with “the Karens” that I will be presenting at the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball in October (23 + 24)!  YEAH!  What a fabulous birthday treat to plan a little NYC trip to see some long distance friends and family, meet new perfumistas and ‘play perfume’ for a whole weekend.  For anyone who has not gone to Sniffa, as we call it, you really must.  It’s such a blast and you will amaze yourself at just how much you can smell in one weekend.  I’ve never had the opening in my schedule to go to the Fall Ball before, only the Spring Fling (cute, huh?) so, I’m extra psyched to get to NYC in Autumn.  Having grown up in New York (downstate, mind you, not the City), it’s been EONS since I have been on ‘home turf’ at this time of year.  I can’t wait!!  The smell of leaves in the Park and the cool air…  perhaps even chestnuts roasting, but it might be a little early.

I guess this also means that I had better complete this perfume that I have been working on and only mentioned ever so briefly on twitter: a mushroom scent.  I’ve started a blog post about it already, so I think that I am going to hold off on the name and details for now.  It will give time to finish the draft and post it.  I’ll give a little hint though: it’s kind of a men’s scent, conceptually, but I feel it’s pretty universal; especially for the more daring women out there.  (Then again, I feel that all fragrances are universal…)  More to come. 🙂

mamma robin nest on my back door light

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and how ever you spend 911, my thoughts are with you.

ps: As I awoke this morning, I got an idea: I’m going to have a special “It’s my Birthday” sale at the site from today until next sunday (9.19.10).  15% off anything site wide – just use member code ‘birthday’ when you check out.  Tell your friends since we’re just going to post it on the blog, twitter and our fb page.  Fun.

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