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a Renaissance Brussels Tapestry that inspired "Alba", one of my perfumes for DAM

What a week it’s been… I think I say that every week : “Wow! what a rollercoaster ride”, but it’s true. I’m always amazed at how topsy-turvy life is and the world is. Or is it me? Who knows…
As a culmination of the week or maybe the month, I gave my presentation and official debut of the Italian Splendor collection at Denver Art Museum tonight and had the wonderful good fortune to meet and make the presentation with the Assistant Curator of the museum, Angelica Daneo. What a lovely woman and so very knowledgeable. I have studied much of Italian Art and the Renaissance but I still learned quite a bit more about the history of the specific cities in the DAM show and their artistic traditions. How I love that…learning so much more.
I thought as I drove home in the rain from the museum tonight that life is just like a tapestry… all woven together of this and that; this person and that, to make this ‘picture’ for a moment. The crazy endless rain, the nervous energy of presenting a new collection and the coming (I know it!) Springtime thrill is this new image and I am grateful to have this moment of experiencing it in its fullness: Life. Yes.

And so I came home all immersed in Italy and it’s multi-faceted culture to settled down with some steamed vegetables with parmesan cheese, olive oil and fresh garlic… poured a lovely glass of chilled soave and flipped on “Summertime” (c.1955 starring Katharine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi) on netflix. I could (and have!) watch this film about a thousand times and still love it; especially when I want to see and feel Venice, which is *always*. (There are luminous colors and sounds that I can only find in Venice and when I’m so far away from it, I console myself with films). And am I imagining it? This soave smells remarkably like the Venus & Cupid perfume I presented tonight. How delightful…

Well, Buona Note, mi amici! (aka: so long, cookie~) 😉

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