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We’re into it now…into 2014 now that we’ve revved our motors, made resolutions and plans and begun to execute.  It’s go time.  I, too, made a few resolutions back around January 1 and one of the big ones was to get out more.  And when I say get out, I mean in every way; just a little bit.  I mean to stretch and find new ways to interact and express.  I’m inching back into every sphere that feels good and makes me feel a part of the world.  So, I’m here at my blog and seeing what can happen. I’m even painting some again, although I am still THINKING about painting more than I am actually getting to do it, but it’s a start.  Another start (which feel like a big start to me) is to present a little show of paintings at Flagstaff House here in Boulder.  It’s a real thrill for me to be honest because it is such a *beautiful* venue.


Not only is it an amazing fine dining experience, it boasts one of the most enchanting, panoramic views of Boulder that I have seen.  What makes this place even more special is that it seems to be made for my paintings to live in (if I do say so myself).  The influx of natural light during the day and somewhat subdued candlelit evening ambiance is perfect to show off the radiant effect of paintings rich in metallics (metal leaf and metallic pigments) and vibrant color.    You can’t tell from the snapshot that I got from the web what the dining room really looks like or the full view, but this give you some idea, I think, of the wonderful light and view that can be had from Flagstaff House.

I thought that I would share some of the images that I am showing, a couple of which are new. 🙂  And a few that I just love enough to show you again because I can.

the_moment_cafethe moment, 2011 – multi-media on canvas

midnight_violet1.14midnight violet, 2014 – multi-media on canvas

akasha, 2010 - multi-media on canvas

akasha, 2010 – multi-media on canvas

sky1.14sky element, 2014 – multi-media on canvas

mercurial nature

mercurial nature, 2010 – multi-media on canvas

universe_no.11_thumbuniverse no.11, 2010 – multi-media on canvas

I hope that these images inspire you in some way;  to create, to go out and share and very much to keep at it when it comes to your resolutions.  They don’t have to happen in January.  They don’t even have to happen this year.  oxox

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