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It’s going to be a big day.  Tonight, I will give my talk on “Ancient Aromatics” at the Denver Art Museum, complete with Sampsuchinon oil and unguent as well as tons of raw materials (oils and herbs) and finished perfumes.  I’ve worked on the outline for my talk but I still have lots to do to edit it and focus my scope. *Commercial: for those of you who are in the Denver / Boulder area, call DAM for your ticket for the talk.  It starts at: 6:30 pm on the 2nd floor of the north building.  It’s always like this when a big project comes to a head.

Just to add to the overall hectic-ness is the ‘moving back in’ project, that is the aftermath of the fourmile fire scare from last week.  I am still grateful this is all that I have to do: clean, re-arrange and move a bunch of stuff back in, instead of making inventories of lost articles for the insurance.  It’s amazing how the Universe works.

mummy bottle - i still love this photo

Since I have to dash- for now, I am wishing you a fragrant and lovely day!

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