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In the last post I mentioned that a theme that has been showing up for me is the “remix” and now I am ready to let the proverbial cat out of the bag (cats were BIG in Egypt, right?) and reveal that the first launch of 2013 at DSH Perfumes will be for the Secrets of Egypt collection.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  No one wants a “collection” after last year’s plethora of collection releases, but you know how I do.  I can’t help what wants to come out of my head and therefore, my studio.

And I have to say that I am excited by these perfumes.  Not only because I loved the first incarnations but with the addition of new materials they feel fresh and full of life.


Back in 2010, when I was first asked to create something for a lecture event at the Denver Art Museum in conjunction with the KING TUT exhibit, I was really inspired to research authentic ancient formulae and make them as true to the spirit of the original scents as possible so as to give the “smeller”/wearer as clear a vision of what these perfumes would have smelled like in their heyday.  The first “Secrets of Egypt” collection did have a few modern adaptations and original works (1, 000 Lilies, Arome d’Egypte, and Cardamom & Khyphi) but most were meant to be purely based on early ingredients, ancient methods of extraction and even early formats (the “Egyptian oil” or “Unguent”).  As any one who has read the posts about the Egyptian perfumes from 2010, you know how fascinated I was by the brilliant galbanum/bitter almond (Antiu), incense / lily (1,000 Lilies)  and marjoram/oreganum/spice (Sampsuchinon) accords that come to us from the ancients.  They knew their stuff for sure.

Yet, there was something academic about a few of these designs to me.  I wanted more.  Now I’ve got what I wanted but didn’t know it until now.  Welcome back Antiu, Keni and Megaleion. Plus, I went ahead and created the design idea that I had edited out of my collection back in 2010.  Welcome Iridum.


What’s the big deal you ask?  New materials and a true fusion of ancient and modern.  These perfumes are fully mixed media instead of nearly all-botanical and the feeling and energy that this shift imparts is a cleaner, clearer, more modern sensibility.  I’ve also shifted the emphasis notes to push and pull on different chords and brought these perfumes out of the “oils and unguents” and into the world of alcohol based sprays.  There is a greater coherence that makes them a true collection.  The tonality of the perfumes all resonate harmoniously and they also have a common “chord”, which is that all of the ancient perfumes have (at least) three sacred essences : cinnamon, cardamom and myrrh.  Every one.  So, there is some similarity that is palpable yet, I hope each stands alone with a unique vibe.  ( I’m sure you’ll let me know).

I am very proud to be releasing these new ‘remixes’.  They didn’t have to go into the afterlife to breathe again.  They have been reborn into the modern age.

image credit: Ra and Osiris images found here : http://4esoalbagautier.blogspot.com/2011_12_01_archive.html

Cairo images found here : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=449673

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It’s November already, people!  I can hardly believe how fast this year has flown by and it’s getting to be time for the Holidays.  One thing that I look forward to now, though, is 7th of November; the ESSENSE STUDIO’s anniversary date and something to celebrate.  And so we are: Tomorrow (aka Friday, November 5).  (AD): So please come down to the studio to take a sneak peek at our latest art show, new jewelry pieces, NEWEST fragrance launches, Cuir et Champignon, Sampsuchinon and Holiday Solid perfumes, plus have a little treat, some wine from Augustina’s (after 5pm) and enter to win a prize, too!

There’s even more happening at the studio these days as well.  I just got back (well almost two weeks ago now – see: re-read title…) from Sniffapalooza Fall Ball in NYC (which was an absolute blast) and the first unveiling of Cuir et Champignon and I am thrilled to say that so far, the response has been incredible for Cuir et Champignon!  Yeah – let’s here it for that mushroom thang, right?  🙂  It did get me thinking though.  So, I’m heading back in to see what other tricks I can coax out of that crazy Cepes absolute.  Will it do any other thing than earthy, brown, mushroom?  I’m going to see.  After this weekend’s festivities and the launch of the next Natural Perfumers Guild project on the 15th (you’re going to LOVE this one, but that’s for another post), I’m going to sit down and get busy sketching some concepts for exploration. This is going to be fun, too.  I’ve gotten my hands on some wonderful new materials in the past few months and haven’t had a single free moment to explore and get my ‘hands wet’ (well, “feet” doesn’t work…).   The time has almost come and I’m really excited.

Sampsuchinon 'stone' perfume solid and mini perfume

For now, I’ll leave you with this little picture of the new Sampsuchinon perfumes that are the latest release in the Secrets of Egypt Collection.  (Boy oh boy, do I have a lot to write about…)

I am wishing you a lovely Thursday~

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It’s going to be a big day.  Tonight, I will give my talk on “Ancient Aromatics” at the Denver Art Museum, complete with Sampsuchinon oil and unguent as well as tons of raw materials (oils and herbs) and finished perfumes.  I’ve worked on the outline for my talk but I still have lots to do to edit it and focus my scope. *Commercial: for those of you who are in the Denver / Boulder area, call DAM for your ticket for the talk.  It starts at: 6:30 pm on the 2nd floor of the north building.  It’s always like this when a big project comes to a head.

Just to add to the overall hectic-ness is the ‘moving back in’ project, that is the aftermath of the fourmile fire scare from last week.  I am still grateful this is all that I have to do: clean, re-arrange and move a bunch of stuff back in, instead of making inventories of lost articles for the insurance.  It’s amazing how the Universe works.

mummy bottle - i still love this photo

Since I have to dash- for now, I am wishing you a fragrant and lovely day!

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