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Hi!  to everyone who stopped by and entered the drawing for La Reine des Fleurs!  It’s been a rather crazy week but we did choose some names at random (my husband picked names out of a hat.  We rock it old school around here…) and here are the winners:

• Maddie C.

• Yash

• Kimberly Kennedy

Please email me at dsh@dshperfumes.com with your addresses, etc and I will send along the 3 ml La Reine des Fleurs EdP sprays to you.  I hope that you will love them!

happy weekend to everyone~~~  ox

image credit: rose image can be viewed here.

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This is just a quick drop in to mention that the promised DIY versions of La Reine des Fleurs have been published at Denver Art Museum’s tumblr page.  Here is the link to it so you can check out the recipes and have some fun making perfume.

I also wanted to mention that the draw is still open (until February 25) so if you want to comment here or on the ‘part 2’ post to enter, feel free. La Reine des Fleurs is also up on the DSH Perfumes site (woo hoo!) as our first new launch of 2014.  I think that it’s going to be a very creative and exciting year.  I really hope so.


Have a wonderful weekend and happy smelling~~~ oxox

ps: One of my students reminded me that the official first day of Spring is only 4 weeks away. 🙂  I’m REALLY excited for that and even if it’s still snowing in Colorado, my heart will be in the first blooms of the season.

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