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Another special project? Can you believe it? I can scarcely believe it… In actuality, this is special project no.4, but I still haven’t posted about the work I have been doing with BMoCA (Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art) that started this January. (!) Soon, soon. Right now, I’m jumping right over that to my new collection for Denver Art Museum called “The Italian Splendor Collection”, for DAM’s “Cities of Splendor: A Journey through Renaissance Italy” exhibit which opens tomorrow. Venice. Milan. Mantua. Florence. Siena. And a region called “across the Alps” which extends from Flanders to Northern Italy. All I can say at this moment is: what a bonanza for inspiration!! I have wanted to work specifically with the Renaissance as a theme for some time. And research? Oh yes, delightful. It’s been wildly exciting albeit under loads of pressure to finish WAY ahead of time. (My event at the Museum with the curator of the show isn’t until May).

Venetian Courtesan

And the most wonderful part of all is that this time I am getting to integrate elements of the ‘aroma art form translation’ work that I have been doing with my own paintings (the Quintessence Multi-Sensory show) and my work with BMoCA (don’t worry; I’ll get to that SOON). What this means is that I not only get to include influences of each city during the Renaissance, but also choose a specific work for each city from the exhibit to design based on the image / medium. Isn’t this a GREAT project?? I’m in love. Again.

Adoration PERFUME mini flask for DAM

So why, you may ask, am I on about this tonight? Well, because I spent the whole day creating the pamphlet and the first run of products that will be in the museum shop tomorrow when the show opens. 🙂 I’ll have to save the run down on the perfumes in the collection for next time. For now, happy Friday!

*image credits: Madonna head image can be found here
the Venetian Courtesan image is (potentially) poetess and courtesan, Veronica Franco. It can be found here
** none of these art images are in the show… I just got creative.

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