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Happy solstice, everybody. 🙂  I love this day.  There are  many days in the year that I truly love, over and over,  and this is one that never fails to delight me.  For me, the summer solstice is filled with the magic of bees and faeries and a particularly miraculous ‘glow’.  Not the least of the miracles in my memory are the linden trees that would always start to bloom their glorious aroma on the summer solstice in Boston (and the ones in my neighborhood will do so as well right about now).  There is a quality to the light, the air and the mood that makes this day special.  Today I celebrate the light with you and the rest of the northern hemisphere.  It is a delight that never fades.

Well, as I write this I am officially missing the moment to post on ‘the solstice’ but I think you understand.  There’s just so much to do all in one day.  The big news today is the winner of the bespoke perfume design to celebrate the blog anniversary.  First, I’d like to thank every one who commented and entered.  I absolutely LOVED hearing about so many incredible dream perfume concepts.  I am very grateful for so much support and love. (THANK YOU).   Now, without further ado, the winning slip (chosen at random out of a hat with my eyes closed) says : Carrie Meredith.  Please email me at dsh@dshperfumes.com and we can get started on your design.  I hope that you will be ok with sharing parts of this process as we go since interest has been expressed about hearing how the bespoke design unfolds as well as another draw for a bottle of your design.  Congratulations, Carrie Meredith!

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