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Where can I start?  Maybe I should start where I left off back in January wishing everyone a beautiful new year.  I hope that 2012 has been filled with greatness for everyone so far.  It’s practically October and by now, many people know that my little “baby new year” image in the last post was a bit of foreshadowing… as I have been away in my own world, away from much of the internet and this blog for months creating something (or someone) new.  Welcome, my dear dragon baby Xander.  He is a bright shining light in my world.

And he’s not the only creative shift that’s come this year.  I am just now getting back to my work, aromatically, visually and otherwise, it seems filled with new vision, new beginnings and a new way of looking at old things.  (We’re planning some re-vamps and other re-launches by the end of the year).

One very new thing that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time has been opening  a little etsy shop to showcase the jewelry art work that I have been creating since 2008 and showing at a Boulder gallery since 2009.  This week it has finally come into being.  It’s just a little something but I am so very excited about it.  Maybe it feels like a big thrill because it’s my first step out after the baby has come, who knows.  For now, I am just ecstatic to be showing my work to a wider audience.  And hey, if anybody wants to buy some, I won’t say no. 🙂  Click here to check it out.

So, I’m also hard at work at the studio preparing new works and launches for the later Fall and for the holidays.  I don’t know if everyone does, but I find this time of year very stimulating and I’m feeling good about creating new designs.  The very first of these is Indus, a petite homage to India and it’s blessed elixir: chai tea.  (I could have meant mango lassi, as blessed elixirs go, but that’s not terribly Autumnal).  I’m really feeling the spices right now, all that warmth is like an attracting glow for me and I think I need it.  Of course, this is just a start.  Other delicacies are on the horizon to be sure.  But that’s for another day and post.  Today, I just want to say that it’s great to be back.

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Well, it’s really “Up and Adam Atom”… but “Up and At Them” is a funny phrase that I love to say. (It’s a quote from the Simpsons. ‘Rainier Wolfcastle’, if I am not mistaken.). It’s what I say to myself when I am ready to get to work; ready to get down to business in my studio or in my life. It gets me excited and energized. Even though yesterday was a Sunday, in January no less, and you would think that I’d be relaxing, it was one of those days when I make plans. Lots of plans. Inspired plans? I hope so… since I’ve sketched almost 10 perfume ideas and as many jewelry pieces. Now I have to get to the real work of creating. (That’s when I’ll know if anything will come from yesterday’s contemplations). So, today it’s off to the studio to work.

pink amethyst with Tahitian pearl & black spinel, rose gold pendant, DSH 2009

Normally, Monday is part of my weekend, so I am not usually going to work at the Essense Studio, more like in my painting or jewelry studio or something like that. Not this time. I’ve got big plans and I mean to make use of this intense energy that’s come over me. No hibernating so far this year; instead I’m off to see if I can make some fire and magic, aromatically speaking. We shall see (and smell).

blue midnight, DSH 2011 (digital photo; new years eve 2011)

Wishing you an energetic and enchanted start to your week~

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