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That’s just how it is around the studio these days.  You might think by the title that we have christmas music playing and elves in the windows, no, but we are getting into a vibe.  We’re, of course, making new batches of many, many things to be sure to have everyone’s beloved scents in stock for Holiday gift giving but the most dominant aromas are those of our Holiday offerings.

Part of the fun for me, has always been, creating our Holiday perfumes each year.  I look forward to it and I try to come to a design concept that is not only true to the spirit of the season but also is unique in some way.  I mean, who needs the same sugar cookie or christmas tree scent every year?  This isn’t always easy but since Christmas is my favorite holiday, I don’t dread it like some of my friends.  I have many happy memories to work from and growing up in the country, many outdoor and indoor aromas that permeate my reveries. And maybe it’s having a baby for the first time at the Holidays that sent me into a warm, cozy, serene place with one of my favorite aromas, caramel.  In fact, caramel is right up there with chocolate for me as a treat.  I. LOVE. IT.

I don’t always love it in fragrance, mind you, as it can be cloying and rather plasticky (since most of the construction for caramel comes from synthetics).  I  have been working on a mixed media (naturals and synthetics) caramel base that is really warm, creamy and delicious while not going completely over the edge into a saccharin lake of fire.  It wouldn’t be like me to stop there, though.  While contemplating the construction, I swung to the other side of the gourmand pendulum (and into more adult territory) and started thinking about something boozy.  A sort of wassail or toast of good cheer.  Yes; I like this.  So, that’s what I did.

Cordial, a little play on words, has a friendly feeling and a warmth implied in it’s name and also gives a hint to the booze reference.  I wanted to convey that kind of happy golden light that surrounds Christmas in old movies; like the original Reginald Owen version of ‘A Christmas Carol’.  Golden candlelight, bells ringing and a happy hearth and home.  I suppose that is my sincere wish for myself and everyone: for a sense of comfort and warmth.  I hope I have conveyed it.

And as if this caramel delight wasn’t enough, we had to bring back our Coffee Absolute.  Oh yes, dry, rich coffee without sweetness added.  It is so sexy.  You would potentially think that it would be like spilling a starbucks on yourself but, oh no, it’s smoldering and delicious and COFFEE.  If you are a coffee addict or know one, this is for YOU.

We have some other treats on tap for the Holidays, too, but I think that I will share more about that in another post.  For now, I’ll just recommend that you check out the newly updated “top picks” page for our current faves and suggestions.

Lastly, shall I finally announce the winners of the draw for paradise lost solids??  everyone who commented! 🙂  Please contact us via email: dsh@dshperfumes.com and give us your address to ship to.  Congratulations!

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