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I have certainly noticed something: August is not my best month for writing.  I suspect that everything must go right out the window and I’ve gotta get my “freedom on” before the Autumn sets in and it’s practically Holiday time.  Plus I take a little time away in August to spend with my family on the shores of Cape Cod.  It’s bliss, really.  I always come back to Colorado wondering how I can get to spend even more time there next year.  I’m contemplating that right now.

So, now I am back to the studio and back to work.  I’ve actually got four, no five, new projects on my desk.   Well, one of them is Carrie Meredith’s bespoke design and you’ve all heard about that.  ( One of my next posts is going to be about what I’ve been working on for her.  You’re all going to LOVE it, I think).  But this is going to be a shorty.  I felt that I just had to get a little something up before September is here…tomorrow.  I’d like to at least try for a post or two when it’s August. 🙂 So, I thought that I would just ramble on about some thoughts that I have been meditating on this past week or two… here goes:

1) Nothing,  I mean NOTHING takes the place of experience. You will never really know something through and through until it has landed in your lap and you have gotten your hands on it.  And it will take time to master it.  (I never understood this when I was younger.  Then, I thought that talent was the THING.  I think that I have been wrong about that).

2) People do crazy things.  I see it all of the time in small and large ways.  It seems silly to get shocked by anything at this point but I still do.

Believe it or not these two ‘meditations’ have produced what feels like deep spiritual lessons that continue to reverberate.  I’m still sitting with them.  Live and learn, my friends. ❤

* photo credit: this image is actually of the South of France but it looks amazingly to me like the view from E’s uncle’s house on the ‘ocean side’ beach in Wellfleet.  I really liked it so here it is.

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