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Way back, what feels like a lifetime ago, I had a small custom perfumery in Boston.  (In the long, long ago of the early nineties).  Back then, I made perfumes by hand just like I do now but I also made solid perfumes for my clients.  I certainly thought that they were fun but I never really thought about them as anything more than a novelty.  So, flash forward oh a dozen years or so to now and the decision to launch solids for our special Holiday offering for 2010; WOW!  how times have changed and the love of the solid has blossomed in our absence from the genre.  Besides the fact that the solids are exciting and so, so cute for stocking-stuffers / to hang on the tree like an ornament, they are red-hot as a fragrance item!

Cafe Noir

I really am amazed at the response to our new solid perfumes!  I knew they would be fabulous because they are some of our best selling scents and in those cute little hat boxes (!?!), how could we go wrong.  But they have just been flying out the door (we’re already on our third or fourth run of production on them) and we’ve only just begun.  Maybe it’s the lovely, light but rich (the added beeswax note?) scent that makes them so irresistible or that they are so perfect to drop into your bag and have them where ever you go.  Even on a plane.  All I know is that I’m in love and I’m so happy to say that I am not the only one.  We’re even in the planning stages to release another five solid perfumes in the Spring.  Hmmm….

I think it’s time to do a little draw to share the love.  Great idea, huh? 🙂  Up for grabs are 6 solids:  1 Winter White, 1 Tubereuse, 1 Piment et Chocolat, 1 Sampsuchinon, 1 Cafe Noir, and 1 Cimabue.  This way we’ll have six lucky winners.     * To enter the draw, please leave a comment about which scents you would like to see in solid format as we expand the collection.   I’d love to know your thoughts.  The drawing is open until Tuesday, December 14 at 8 am MST.  Good Luck everyone!

Winter White

ps: You know,  people always ask me what *my personal faves* are, so I thought that I would chime in with my two (s)cents (yuk yuk yuk: silly pun intended).  I gotta say it’s a tie between Tubereuse and Cafe Noir for me (although, I do carry Sampsuchinon around in my handbag, so I guess that’s three).  Oh and I LOVE the box for Winter White;  the quilting is so fabulous and retro that it has to get an honorable mention.

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