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The bottles are finished and ready to be unveiled at DAM’s gala tomorrow night.  Here’s a little preview for you:

hand blown bottles, sealed in beeswax, wrapped in gold wire, embellished with gemstones

each mummy presentation is wrapped in 'aged' cotton

ANTIU (aka METOPION) "mummy" presentation oil perfume

This is the most elaborate design we did.  We also did mini dram perfumes in super cute boxes of Cardamom & Khyphi, Arome d’Egypte and 1,000 Lilies (aka Susinon).  LOVE.

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While working along on the Mystery of Musk project with the NPG, I have simultaneously been researching a new project for the Denver Art Museum and their upcoming KING TUT show.

You would think that these two projects, Art Deco musk and Egyptian perfumes of the ancients would have nothing in common but there is a thread : the Art Deco movement was very much inspired by the culture and artifice of the Egyptians.  Thus the title “flappers and pharaohs” (which is also the title of the opening gala at the museum happening tomorrow night) and I have been BUSY creating Egyptian perfumes, based on ancient formulas that have come down to us through the Roman, Pliny the Elder and the Greeks Dioscorides and Theophrastus, in time to do a preview at the opening.

Today is the day it all comes together and we deliver the first bottles of “1,000 LILIES (aka Susinon), ANTIU ( aka Metopion), KENI (aka The Medesian), MEGALEION”, plus my own original designs Arome d’Egypte and Cardamom & Khyphi.  Some of the bottles will be hand blown glass embellished with lapis, carnelian, chalcedony, turquoise and pyrite beads wrapped in gold filled wire.  I don’t think they could be more beautiful.  So, I’m off to the studio to finish the project and get to Denver with these treasures, but I’ll be back tonight with some photos…  For now, I’m wishing you a glorious day.

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