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Germany Lunar Eclipse


It was worth it to stay up way late to see the blood moon lunar eclipse.  Wow, was it incredibly beautiful and quite magical to see the transformation from a luminous, golden disc to a deeply shadowed gem.  At the total eclipse it made me think very much of a deep crimson Mexican fire opal gemstone.  It also reminded me that I had not posted the winners of the fire opal 3 ml deluxe sprayer drawing.  My bad.  But not for long… here goes:

Congratulations goes to (drum roll, please):

* Joe

* StephenMC

* Devon H

Yay! 🙂  Please email me at dsh@dshperfumes.com to send me your address and claim your prize!  And thank you again to everyone who shared a comment about their happy smells.  I really loved it.

Have a wonderful day everybody!    ox

image credit: I found that moon shot here.

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I’ve thought a lot about the concept of acceptance;  in the last couple of years especially.  It is easy, as you can imagine, to accept what is beautiful, sweet and glowing but not so much what is unruly, misshapen, dark, and even tragic.  And yet so much of life is made up of these ‘less than perfect’ experiences, things, people (ourselves)…and it is acceptance that makes happiness possible in this world.  I am still working on all manner of acceptance but doing the work involved brings me opportunities otherwise unavailable.


So, it is with many meanings in mind that I gratefully accept the privilege of the “Dragon’s Loyalty Award”.    I had never heard of it until Dan, from Apothecary’s Garden nominated me but I am very glad to know about it.  It feels very human and real to me after having read what Dan had to say about it:  “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is self-explanatory, though there is loyalty given, loyalty received, there is also a loyalty one sees in others who are authentic, or genuine in their writing.  They maintain a loyalty to self.”  I don’t mean to imply that there is anything less than perfect about the award, but I do get the sense that loyalty and true authenticity come with all the beauty and the warts, together.  At this point, I am coming to accept and cherish that.

It has taken me a surprisingly long time to even figure out how to share this honor and I feel that I should start by mentioning that I have had very little time to read / enjoy blogs since getting pregnant and having a baby (two and a half years ago).  But before that *I did* have more free time to enjoy blogging and reading blogs and so these are my nominees to pass this award to (there won’t be nearly 15, I’m afraid , it’s more like 5 but you will surely notice a theme in the blogs I’ve read):

Ayala’s Smelly Blog:  Ayala Sander has always been an inspiration to many bloggers as well as aspiring Artisan Perfumers.  She shares her joy and her passion on her blog as well as incredible amounts of information.  Her Smelly Blog is always a joy to read.

The Clarimonde Project Blog / indie perfumes blog:  Lucy Raubertas brings an incredible amount of vision and otherworldly aesthetic to her blog indie perfumes and something that I can’t even explain, it’s so lovely, in her Clarimonde Project Blog.  Her dedication to art and artistry is unmatched and her sensibilities are a palpably gorgeous.

The Alembicated Genie: Doesn’t the name tell you something?  Sheila Eggenberger *is* a genie.  She conjures unique realms and universes with her words so beautifully crafted they make one swoon.  Her portrayals of what perfume can do and where it can take you are some of my favorite writings. period.  She is very passionate and tells it just like it is, but in the most graceful and gracious way.

Olfactoria’s Travels: Olfactoria (aka Birgit) has a wonderful perfume blog but even more what I love about it is how she has created a sense of community within the realm of the blogging / perfumista community.  I just love the sense of sharing the passion and love of great perfume and how it fits into our lives.  She’s just fabulous.

Perfumes in Progress: Laurie Erickson’s blog is a lovely insight into a fellow aromatic artist’s world, thoughts, creativity and journey.  She writes with great sincerity and shares so much of what the perfumer’s life is.  It’s always a pleasure to read and I have to thank her for being an inspiration for me to start my blog.  She gave me some wonderful advice when I was contemplating DSH Notebook back in 2010.  {A heartfelt thank you to Laurie!}

I send much love and blessings out to everyone in the blogosphere and again, with gratitude, accept and share the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.  oxox

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This is just a quick drop in to mention that the promised DIY versions of La Reine des Fleurs have been published at Denver Art Museum’s tumblr page.  Here is the link to it so you can check out the recipes and have some fun making perfume.

I also wanted to mention that the draw is still open (until February 25) so if you want to comment here or on the ‘part 2’ post to enter, feel free. La Reine des Fleurs is also up on the DSH Perfumes site (woo hoo!) as our first new launch of 2014.  I think that it’s going to be a very creative and exciting year.  I really hope so.


Have a wonderful weekend and happy smelling~~~ oxox

ps: One of my students reminded me that the official first day of Spring is only 4 weeks away. 🙂  I’m REALLY excited for that and even if it’s still snowing in Colorado, my heart will be in the first blooms of the season.

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welcome, 2014


I bid a very happy welcome to 2014.  It’s a chance to start again and I *really* like that.  Like so many people I know, 2013 was challenging; very challenging.  And they’re not exactly sad to see it go.  I feel the same.  And, I am a bit giddy to be honest at the thought of turning a page and hitting the reset button.  I want to write a new story.  So here’s to it and to you all~

I have missed you and hope to be here, in at least small ways, a lot more often.

I am wishing everyone a blessed, health-filled, sane if not truly happy (but I’d like for us all to have both!), creative, inspired and beautiful New Year!  oxox

photo credit: this fabulously floral fireworks image found here

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The year is almost complete and I have missed being here sharing with you the roller coaster ride that is life, perfumery, business, and creative drive these days.  I still long to have more time to be in my studio painting, drawing and designing but I 2013 wasn’t without it’s creative moments and discoveries.  There were some strides forward in terms of taking on a couple more private students with plans to start doing monthly workshops (and maybe even a couple more students) in 2014.  The biggest thing that we have ramped up to start jumping back into for 2014 is work on the ArtScent Museum.  Sadly, very little work managed to get done on this fabulous project in 2013 but we’ve managed to set things up to be able to dive right in and continue cataloging and mounting some new shows starting in Spring of 2014.


I feel very grateful and fortunate to share that some really superlative designs came out of the Essense Studio this year and DSH has been recognized on a few of the blogs we most cherish as having created some of the best fragrances of the year.  Here’s what CaFleureBon, Perfume Shrine and The GoodSmellas had to say about Iridum and / or Passport a` Paris.  Thank you Mark and Michelyn at CFB, Elena at PS and Carlos at TGS for this honor!  It’s very exciting indeed and it spurs me on to attempt even greater creative endeavors!

I am hoping to spend much more time here and sharing all that’s going on in my creative world in 2014.  Let’s all hope for greater freedom, peace, health and love for us all in the New Year~

With Love~~~ xoxo

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I suppose it’s not a new beginning in everyone’s mind, but as it seems that we all made it past the ‘end of the world’, aka December 21, 2012, we all have something to celebrate and if we wish to, have a brand new slate with 2013.  I can’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of turning a page and it’s a very good thing.  I don’t want to get too philosophical so I’ll just get simply to my point, to wish everyone a very HAPPY New Year and that we will find peace, and joy and love this year.  These are blessings to great to truly and fully conceive of; they are my heartfelt hope for us all.


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Well, it’s not officially the year of the Dragon yet (we have the Rabbit until the 23rd of January) but I can already feel it: this year promises to be powerful, magical and perhaps, a wild ride.  I’m up for it…how about you?  Let’s jump on this magic carpet and go! 🙂

But while we’re still here with tranquil Rabbit, I’d like to take this opportunity to send out huge ‘thank yous’ to all of you who made 2011 an incredible, albeit challenging year!  Both the challenges and the triumphs help us grow…so, lets welcome 2012 together and all the growth and promise it holds.

I am wishing everyone loads of blessings to come, fortitude to overcome any difficulties, creativity and good health to enjoy the world’s unfolding. In 2012, may all your dreams come true!  with love~ oxox

image credit: dragon image found here;  baby new year image found here

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